Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leaving Soon!

In case you were wondering what packing clothes for a full of year of sweltering-to-damply-frigid-without-central-heating looks like, here it is:

I could make comfortable do with half, but where's the fun in that?

And just look at all the warm! Hunan's winter really did me in when I was there... after nursing a cold for over a month, just for it to go away after a 24 hour long train ride because I'd arrived in magical, dry, centrally-heated Xi'an, I've learned my lesson. Two coats, wool tights, warm wintery tops, and cozy, layerable cardigans... hopefully these will keep me from playing host to millions of viruses and their degenerate offspring!

As a side note, about 3/4 of the stuff up there was bought at thrift stores or was given to me as a hand-me-down (excluding the underwear and tights, duh)! Aaaand I'm kind of proud of that. Not only does it save me my precious pennies, but I can get things like cashmere and silk (warm!! I have one of each) for the price of a plain cotton tee from Forever 21. It just takes patience and good judgement, and if something does wear out, I can ditch it guilt-free for extra packing space. Win win win!

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  1. You've totally worn hand me down tights. They were just basically new when they were given to you....