Monday, August 27, 2012

Joining the ranks of the Three

I'm shocked. Perhaps the world is truly ending. The Chinese consulate is actually following all the rules[1]. TO THE LETTER. Is this seriously the right consulate??!

Didn't expect myself to slim down that stickfigurey.
Getting turned away at the visa window sucks. Getting turned away because this particular consulate won't accept the copies that two other consulates apparently took... really sucks. Sucks even more for number A005, who sat in line for an hour that morning so as not to end up A095, and got up at 5:30am and got on a train still in the dark, and who has to do this whole dance all over again in two days... I'm a zombie, okay, let me sleep it off and then console me with coffee.

In other news, our support office is really well-run and efficient, I can't blame the Chinese university because originals cost a-bottle-of-Maotai-and-a-favor to replace, and it looks like I'll get my visa before I board my plane, so no skin off anyone's big nose, really.

[1] For my visa, at least.

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