Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pretty Old Mountain

This is Hengshan. It's one of the 5 Great Mountains in China, along with Tai Shan, or Mount Tai, which you may have actually heard of. It's not located in Nanjing, but rather in the eponymous Hengyang, so these pictures are from May 2011. Sorry. But they're pretty, aren't they?

The rather tenuous relevance of Hengshan to the present is that I visited the mountain with two of my students and a fellow teacher on the May First holiday - when everything that can close, does, and as much of the country as can get tickets temporarily relocates. Well. We have one of those next week, except it's National Day and Moon Festival that got smushed together.

In 1999, China actually instituted a few extra days off - three - in order to facilitate travel and tourism. The other days are "made up" on surrounding weekends, in order to give the maximum continuous time off - 8 whole days!!! Of course it does kind of lose its sheen when you have to come in on Saturday to make up Thursday's classes, but this way, more people can travel!!

My undergrad just gave us two extra days off for Thanksgiving and didn't reimburse us for the missing class time. So.

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